Why 43Twenty?

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Today I wanted to address a question we get a lot– “why 43Twenty”? Not in the sense of why start a new business, or even why what we do here is so critical for media companies. I am talking quite literally, what does 43Twenty mean or stand for.

Over the years I have started 4 different companies, and always find that one of the most difficult things for me is coming up with the company name. This last time, it was right up there with deciding what to name my first born (his name is Caymus by the way). Some names are obvious but too cheesy. Others are clever, but already taken. Sometimes I would come up with a name that seemed perfect, but the domain wasn’t available. One day, I landed on 43Twenty and it stuck.

Let me rewind a bit. If you are in the TV space or just like technology in general, you’re probably familiar with 1080 TVs or monitors. If not, 1080 refers to the resolution of an HD display, which is 1920×1080 pixels. You may also have heard the hype of “4K” or “8K” television being the next big things. The resolution of an 8K Tv is 7680 x 4320, with 4320 being the vertical resolution of the screen. Thus, 43Twenty signifies our commitment to optimizing every pixel of the customer experience, vertically, from the top-to-bottom of the screen.

And to address the other part of “why 43Twenty”, we work with media companies to optimize their OTT customer journeys – from acquisition, engagement and retention, to user experience and research. Years ago having an OTT presence was considered forward thinking and sufficient, but now consumers are savvier than they have ever been, and optimizing the user experience is the key to anyone’s long term success in this space. At 43Twenty we help companies with amazing content to simply make their video streaming apps work harder for them by keeping the customer experience at the forefront of our combined strategy.

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