OTT Product Audits

We will visually inspect your web, mobile, and OTT apps for usability issues and areas for improvement. Areas we typically review include the customer journey, content placement, content merchandising, ad load, information architecture, and device-specific usability. We rate how well your digital product adheres to best practices and UI & UX principles to make our findings actionable.


UX Audit’s are especially useful if you're trying to decide on a new strategy for your user experience. Our independent position allows us to evaluate your designs from a fresh perspective.


Even if you're not planning to change direction, it's still valuable to commission an independent UX assessment periodically to reduce risk to ensure there's nothing major you've overlooked by being too close to the design.

Why 43Twenty?


Research-backed recommendations: We draw on our extensive experience and research conducted with thousands of different interface designs. We know what works and what doesn't.

Vendor-neutral: We don't have a vested interest in recommending one technology or approach over another. 

Fresh perspective: As outside experts we deliver an unbiased verdict that purely supports what's best for you and your customers.



The report contains detailed findings and recommended solutions for improving the UX and meeting business objectives.

Reports are usually 60-100 pages and include recommendations, prioritized by severity. The evaluation is detailed and filled with examples with callouts, discussions of best practice, and actionable recommendations.

We customize our deliverables to serve your needs. You choose the format. We can deliver results as written documents or slide decks. 



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