The Streaming Wars Video Edition: April 6, 2020

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I’ve been having regular conversations with my friend, colleague, and WIREWAX co-founder Dan Garraway. These calls have no agenda other than casually chatting about what’s happening in the media and entertainment industry. I always have a blast chatting with Dan and we recently decided to hit the record button on these calls and see what happens. On Thursday morning, I emailed Dan a rough outline of topics I was thinking about for this issue of The Streaming Wars, so we decided to wing an impromptu, condensed, beta beta version of this newsletter with no structure and a single take.

In this video, we discussed the following topics:

  • Amazon Prime Video is now allowing in-app rentals and purchases on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on OTT and sports
  • Streamers Ramp Up Free Trials and Other Giveaways for Housebound Americans
  • Opportunities to improve content merchandising by personalizing the user interface

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