• Kirby Grines

The Streaming Wars: The Great Race to Rule TV: HBO Max is here … and so is Disney+, and Apple TV+

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

In their rush to match Netflix, competitors like HBO, Hulu and Amazon are ordering a slew of content — ushering out the age of “prestige TV” and ushering in an age of anything goes. The Great Race to Rule Streaming TV.

HBO Max is here … and so is Disney+, Apple TV+, and a handful of other streaming services vying for your attention. So what’s next?

Disney is shutting down FX Plus subscription service.

Disney TV Studios eyes new profit participation model as industry continues to pull away from traditional backend deals.

The Streaming Wars are giving publishers an affiliate fee bump.

Stranger Things 3 is a subscriber magnet: 13% of ex-Netflix users signing up again to watch.

Nearly one-third of Netflix users would tolerate ads, but Netflix is already doing ads!?

We’re all OK with ads on OTT Services -- but with conditions.

Amazon’s IMDB TV launches its first original series.

WWE is creating a new show for mobile-first SVOD Quibi.

NFL has one-way option to exit DirecTV deal at the end of 2019 season and DAZN would be 'definitely interested'.

YouTube is finally available on Fire TVs again, and during both companies’ hissy fit with one another, we can presume customers looked to other services that offer both Prime Video and YouTube, such as Roku or Apple TV.


Netflix maximizes ‘surprise drop’ strategy.

Inside Roku’s enormous bet on AVOD.

While cord-cutting was supposed to create an ideal content experience, it’s only becoming more complicated for consumers.

Flixcopalypse Now! It’s only a matter of time before someone majorly pisses off Comcast.

Untapping the opportunity in sports OTT.

SVOD Subscribers Grow in U.S., Europe.

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