• Kirby Grines

The Streaming Wars: Don't overlook news as a Streaming War sleeper

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Can’t We All Play Along?

Anyone with capital and content can join the streaming video universe battle — but only those who can capture attention and loyalty will win the war.

News has proven — in every medium throughout time — to be a successful hook to attract and retain audience. But the potential cost is controversy.

OTT, how can I explain it?

Here's a list of acronyms and buzzwords thrown around in the OTT video industry and WTF they all mean. 

Because you can't really be "down with OTT" unless you understand the difference between "OTT" and "Connected TV".


The fight for the bundle is the war for the future of TV. Link

Consider this: If Netflix offers you a library/"bundle" of programming but you only watch Narcos and Ozarks is that really so different than the idea of "I pay for 1,000 cable channels and I only watch History Channel and ESPN"?

Should we change the definition of a bundle? Link

AT&T Is ‘optimistic’ that its OTT service will offer something new. Link

Apple says it can coexist with Netflix. Link

‘Avengers: Endgame’ directors say Netflix vs Disney will be ‘closest race to watch’. Link

Hulu's value to Disney shouldn't be overlooked. Link

Walmart’s Vudu shows off original content and shoppable ads, hints at interactive shows. Link

How Apple TV Channels prices for HBO Now, Showtime, CBS All Access and more compare to their direct-to-consumer equivalents. Link

How Xumo plans to hit its goal for users to spend much more time streaming. Link

Quibi is looking to score big ad dollars. Link

Condé Nast wants to pitch itself as a 'video-first' company. Link

Vice Media is consolidating its multiple web channels into one single brand. Link

CBS embraces strategy of making shows for its rivals. Link

DirecTV Now, Hulu and other vMVPDs score 108% viewership growth. Link

Spotify now has over 100 million subscribers, narrows Q1 losses. Link

Ford taps Spotify audience to reach younger car buyers. Link

Impact Wrestling launches impact plus streaming service. Link

Wait for it…….Airbnb is launching a video streaming service. Link

Android TV apps hit the 5k mark and Google plans to redesign the Play Store on Android TV to add video previews for apps. Link


What’s the difference between digital transition and digital transformation?. Link

SVOD grows, rental and purchase shrinks, pay TV dominates. Link

Marketers to average $18M on digital video this year. Link

How AI and ML are changing digital marketing. Link

Why DTC brands are flocking to television. Link

The big problem with ‘bring your own device’ entertainment streaming that airlines are ignoring. Link

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