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The Streaming Wars: If consumers lose, will they be driven back to traditional TV?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

As Disney, NBCUniversal and AT&T’s WarnerMedia work furiously to stand out in the streaming-video arena, they are betting heavily on something that rivals like Netflix and Amazon can’t produce: decades of hit TV series to which the old-school entertainment companies ultimately control the rights. To keep watching some of their favorites, fans will have to pony up more dough for a wider selection of services. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia and NBCU’s streaming services.

Ultimately all of these new services will result in confusion and angst as consumers try to figure out where their favorite programs reside. Nielsen believes that too many streaming choices will lead some viewers back to traditional TV.

According to the 2019 Manatt, Vorhaus Digital strategy study The top 3 draws for a new SVOD service centered on exclusive content.

  • 50% of people said they joined for a specific movie or TV series

  • 43% cited an original series

  • 33% signed up because of the general theme of the content offered, such as anime, sports or nature.

Return from Splitsvile?

After divorcing in 2005, CBS and Viacom are rumored to be working on a reconciliation and an announcement of their reunification, by way of a $15.4 billion acquisition, could be announced as early as August 8th.

Meanwhile, CBS channels went dark across AT&T’s services DirecTV and U-Verse late Saturday. CBS warns that the blackout could “last a long time”.

All aboard Disney Airlines

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Disney is rumored to be launching its own airline in the US. The company has been cited in the past expanding their transportation offerings, with Disney’s Magical Express. The Magical Express is a transportation service that shuttles guests from Orlando’s Airport and to Disney Resort throughout the property. Now with Disney looking to operate in the air, they will control more of the guest experience. Will Disney+ subscribers get a discount?




$9.1 billion. The amount of money OTT and pay TV companies will lose in 2019 from piracy. Parks Associates predicts this number to rise to $12.5 billion in the next five years. Link

$17 billion. The amount of value Netflix lost in one day. Link

15/20 of users’ favorite shows on Netflix are Netflix original programs according to a study commissioned by MoffettNathanson. Link

6/10 of the largest sports leagues now offer premium OTT streaming services and investing in establishing direct-to-consumer services. Rights holders will have to weigh their benefits of DTC revenues against the risk of diminishing the value of the packages they sell to distributors. Link

1 million. The number of times Sinclair’s Stirr was downloaded in 6 months. Link

75% of Australian consumers are driven by content preference rather than the device or channel. Link


In 2005, was owned by Amy Hung and home to her family photos. Presumably after Facebook gained momentum, her site was rendered useless. If only she’d kept the domain name! 🤦


NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2019 starts this week and runs through August 16. Below are some recommendations to check out. Maybe we’ll see one another?

ABC Cocina

38 E 19th St

Jean-Georges Vongerichten's upscale farm-fresh eatery serves Latin American fusion in a glam space.


355 W 46th St

Lidia Bastianich's lower-priced sibling to Felidia offering pasta specials.


19 E 26th St

Locally sourced, upscale American cuisine served in a barn-inspired setting with a chef’s table.

Red Rooster

310 Malcom X Blvd

Popular, stylish comfort food eatery with creative cooking from celeb chef Marcus Samuelsson.


199 Bowery

Global street eats, American mains & cocktails in a splashy space with a lower-level lounge & DJs.

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