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Apple TV+ Launching November 1st & Disney's Putting the "War" in Warning

Apple Announces TV+ Launch Date and Price

Apple just dropped details about its upcoming TV+ service including a launch date of November 1st, almost two weeks before Disney+ arrives. 

Despite earlier Bloomberg reports, the service will cost only $4.99 compared to $6.99 for Disney+.

The kicker here is if you buy a new iPhone, which I haven't in 3 years, you'll get TV+ free for a year.

Disney Puts the “War” in Warning

Last night, Disney began warning AT&T subscribers that they could lose access to ABC and ESPN unless a new carriage agreement is reached. 

It was only three weeks ago when AT&T ended a near three-week standoff with CBS and two weeks ago since they resolved their disagreements with Nexstar Media. Just over a week ago, the HBO-parent renegotiated a new deal with competitor Starz.

Disney is one of those frenemy companies that will become an existential threat to AT&T come November 12th. This warning comes just two months shy of the Disney+ launch, and at a time when AT&T is losing a TV subscriber every 10 seconds.

(In case you missed it, here’s a sneak-peek of Disney+.)

During its tift with CBS, AT&T directed customers to sign up for CBS All Access, which obviously resulted in a spike in CBS direct-to-consumer subscribers. Even CBS Interactive President and COO Mark DeBevoise joked at a TCA presentation thanking AT&T for the free marketing.

Let’s hope AT&T learned from this and doesn’t send customers to sign up for the Disney+, Hulu w/ads, and ESPN+ bundle.

But nothing surprises me at this point. 

Netflix Abandons Binge Model

Ever since Game of Thrones ended, there’s been much talk about whether episodes of new shows should be released all-at-once (i.e. Netflix) or on a weekly schedule (i.e. Disney+), which will give viewers a week to process and work through each episode.

Our industry always seems to get caught up whether it’s this or that, For example: on-demand or linear, subscriptions or advertisements, binge or weekly release.

Thinking it’s gotta be one or the other is not putting the consumer at the forefront and if you talk to me, I’ll agree with you that “Content is King” but you need to agree to adapt the C.R.E.A.M. mentality.

That is, Consumers Rule Everything Around Me.

Last week, rumors broke that Netflix is switching to a weekly release model. But much to the dismay of this article that was written when GoT ended, Netflix is NOT changing its release model. In fact, weekly releases aren’t new to Netflix

Everybody just relax.

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