Increase Customer Lifetime Value and ARPU

Media and entertainment apps have experienced triple-digit growth, year over year, and we’ve arrived at “peak OTT”.


With enormous competition, it can be extremely difficult to stand out, drive awareness to your direct-to-consumer service, and increase customer lifetime value.


43Twenty partners with companies to help increase direct-to-consumer acquisition, retention, and revenue via the following OTT app marketing services.

App Store Optimization


App Store Optimization (ASO) focuses on improving your app’s visibility in app stores (like Apple App Store and Google Play, Roku, etc).


The purpose is to make your app more visible in the charts and to increase its discoverability. It’s simple -- the higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers which translates into more traffic to your app’s page and ultimately in more downloads.


Campaigns & Content Marketing

On average, 80% of OTT app users churn by the third month. Churn rate is important because it’s how to measure how quickly you’re losing users. The more users you lose, the more expensive it is to add new users that can keep income flowing. The success of your OTT app depends on managing your churn rate and converting the users you already have.


Combining consulting with technology, we can help drive growth in your organization by providing guidance on how to acquire the right users cost-effectively, convert users into paying customers, drive brand affinity, and manage churn through various campaigns.

  • On-Platform

  • Audience Acquisition

  • Call-to-Action

  • Surveys

  • Messaging


Did you know that one in ten mobile searches on Google results in an app pack?

Did you also know that there are usually only a handful of apps listed in the search results?

Today’s OTT TV app companies can capitalize on this opportunity to get featured for generic -- ex. “Free movies” -- as well as branded -- “Popcornflix” -- searches with help from our OTT app SEO services. Commonly mistaken as App Store Optimization, SEO works alongside App Store Optimization (ASO) to help drive more exposure outside of the common app stores.


Ultimately your brand will want to be optimized on both fronts.